Spiritual Healing

Linda works with people on a case-by-case basis, using spiritual means to help each person heal his/her self.

Spiritual healing is non-denominational and works through use of Universal Creator energy.

Linda will not work with anyone who needs physical healing or who has mental issues unless she has evidence that a psychiatrist or physician is currently being seen.

To inquire about whether or not she can help you through spiritual energy healing, she needs to know what the situation is as you see it. Next, she needs to know of any services you’ve received already (you’ll need to be able to provide evidence of such, if she accepts you as a client). All spiritual work is done with full understanding that she helps YOU shift your energy, with the assistance of Spirit Guides, so you can heal yourself.

Mail the details outlined above directly to linda@yourlovingspirit.com and allow up to five working days for a response. As previously stated, clients for this type of service are scheduled on a case-by-case basis and as scheduling allows.

Linda DOES NOT guarantee any healing can take place. All she ever promises is to do her best and to work within the parameters of the spiritual energy work for which she is licensed.

All inquiries, spiritual work, emails, and other communications are kept private unless a written agreement for release of information is signed.

Linda keeps a waiting list for those who cannot afford her services and tries to  work with as many people as she can each month. If you’d like to be included on that list, provide the same information. DO NOT provide the information more than once or ask where you’re at on the list. Sending multiple emails will cause your name to be dropped from consideration. There is no guarantee that she can see you at all, as she has many who seek her help.

For physical/mental spiritual-healing appointments ONLY, email Linda directly at linda@yourlovingspirit.com with your phone number and the best time of day to call. For all other appointments, follow the directions listed by that service. If your name isn’t apparent by your email, please include your name in the email. Please allow up to five working days for a response. 

Linda does her best to keep spiritual healing costs as the lowest of her fees. Initial appointments are for up to 1.5 hours (though the amount of time needed can vary). The fee is $120 for that session. Once it’s clear what work can (or cannot) be done, Linda does her best to determine how many sessions are needed. In general, no more than five or six appointments are needed, though individuals vary in how they heal, so that can’t be depended upon. At each session, progress is tracked and the client determines whether he/she will benefit from future sessions. Some clients return for “tune-ups” and others never need to return. The best way to determine how your particular needs would be addressed is through booking an appointment.

Once Linda agrees to accept you as a client, payment information will be emailed and you can pay by check or Visa/MC/Discover/Paypal. You will have agreement forms to complete before your session.