Are You Curious?

  • About Your Life Purpose?
  • About Your Career or Business?
  • About Your Relationships?
  • About Your Finances?

Those are the primary questions people ponder. As a psychic, I can help you look at those things, and more.

Not All Psychics Are The Same

Psychics all see the future (or snippets at least). That’s where the similarities end. I see my psychic abilities through the lens of “how can I help you the most?”, going beyond “this is what will happen.”

My specialty is intuitive spiritual healing. I see what needs to be worked on for you to move forward in your life.

Always (yes, always), if you’re not moving forward in one of the areas of your life that is supposed to be in balance, there is something that needs to be energetically healed for that to happen. Sometimes it’s a simple thing, such as an idea that took root that isn’t correct. At other times, it’s something deeper, even something that may have come forward generationally or from a past life.

Not Your Average Psychic

As you can see, I’m not your average psychic. I don’t see the value in simply looking at what will happen (the most likely path, that is, as you always have the power to change your path). Instead, I want to empower you to embrace what’s coming and turn your future-life into something awesome instead of wimpy and half-hearted. You are empowered when you’re lined up . . .

So I not only show you what’s coming, I help you line up to receive your future in the most powerful way.

We All Deserve Abundance

In order for you to have abundance in all things, you have to know what’s keeping you from owning your birthright. It’s a challenge for each of us to see our own roadblocks. That’s where I can help the most.

Sure, I can see if there’s a pending job offer, a move, a romance blooming, etc. (and I’m happy to do that, if that’s what you’re looking for). But what I do best is see what’s coming and then go beyond that vision. I help you shift energy around those situations on your horizon so when they arrive . . . my, oh my, they are so much bigger and brighter!

For example, if you’ve had the experience of repeatedly getting oh-so-close to having what you want, but it always slipped away, I can help you heal the part of you that prevents your success. If this has happened to you, you have an energy area that needs to be fixed.

If you’ve had essentially the same relationship with the last few men (or women) you dated (or married), that’s an energy area hotly in need of repair. I can help you change that paradigm.

Can’t quite make it in your career or business, or you want to elevate your life to new heights? Get an energy shift.

I think you get the drift.

When I see the energy pattern that’s affecting you and then help move that energy into a new pattern, that’s how I can help you the most.

It’s not just seeing the future, it’s about seeing the future and then showing you how to make it delightful.

For intuitive readings, CLICK HERE


Healing Energy Work

If you’ve read my book, you’ll have gotten a small taste of the healing work I do within the framework of my license as an ordained minister. For those seeking physical healing, I work with people on a case-by-case basis, using spiritual means to help you heal yourself.

I will not work with anyone who needs physical healing or anyone with mental issues unless I have evidence that a physician or psychiatrist is also being seen. To inquire about my work with the physical, I need to know what the situation is as you see it and any services you’ve received already (and you’ll need to provide evidence of such if I accept you as a client). It should be with full understanding that I help YOU shift your energy, with the assistance of Spirit Guides, so you can heal yourself.

Mail the details outlined above to and allow three working days for a response.

You can read more here: Spiritual Healing

Business Consultation

One of the areas I enjoy helping with the most is business. I’ve worked with clients that range from start-up to multi-million dollar enterprises to provide insight into choices that face them and how to best position the business for success.  Client after client has provided feedback about how they’ve gone into negotiations or made choices that ultimately benefited them greatly. I always look for good energetic matches, situations that are win-win all around.

You can read more here: Intuitive Business Readings 

Past Life/Future Life

One of the things I’ve had the most fun doing with individuals are past life and future life explorations.

It’s important to me that the work that’s done serves a purpose. If I take you back in time, you can be assured we will see something that you brought forward into this life that needs your attention. I love it when clients have that “aha” moment where they see what happened and get that energetic jolt that shows them why something that happened in a past life is present now. 

Just as fun to see, is what the future holds. When I say future, I might be shown something ten years down the road or ten lifetimes ahead. You’ll feel the energy of the rightness of what that vision is when it happens.

As with any work I do, I help you see how you can bring the past in to facilitate healing–of relationships, of mindset, etc.–in this lifetime. I do the same thing with future-sight, helping you see how the path ahead can be the light that encourages you, helping you move into balance in this lifetime.

You can read more here:Past Life/Future Life Readings

 Angel Codes for Well Being

Angel Codes for Well Being came about in this way.  In my work with clients, I generally teach a meditation. In the process of doing this, I began to get a “download” of codes for first one client and then another. Clients reported back to me that they have a tremendous sense of peace and feel more empowered in their lives since using these codes. I love having tools provided from above and know that each person can benefit from having their own code from the Angels.

Check out that page here: Your Angel Codes

See what resonates with you and determine how I can help you the most, then go to that page for specific details. Our life here on planet Earth is short and it’s important to give yourself the greatest life-balance possible to serve and learn in the ways intended by Spirit. 

And always remember,

“In all you do, BE the blessing.” Linda Stirling