Intuitive Business Readings

Sometimes a bit of extra guidance is needed to determine the best road to take in business, whether it’s a matter about an employee, a business partnership, funding, or any of the many elements that come into play inside a business. Linda has a great track-record with all kinds of businesses, working with both small startups to multi-million dollar corporations. She has done everything from advise that a book would be purchased for film to determining which countries would be good choices for business expansion. Her visions are extremely accurate.

Linda believes a business has it’s own energy, connected to, yet separate from that of the owner(s). Businesses, like people, want to flourish. She helps you see how you can make your business gain the energy of momentum and answers questions that are pressing in the moment as well as those questions that need to be answered now in order to gain wisdom for the future.

Options for her services include single-questions ($60 email only), or a pre-paid retainer of $500 will allow you to ask ten questions (however many are needed at a time) whenever you need to have assistance. The pre-paid consultation option provides for live calls, either on the phone or Skype, or purchasers may book time at one of Linda’s Portland offices. If you prefer, the retainer questions may be answered via email.

Single business question via email: $60


Business consulting retainer/ten questions/live or email: $500