Past Life/Future Life Readings

One of the things I’ve had the most fun doing with individuals are past life and future life explorations.

It’s important to me that the work that’s done serves a purpose. If I take you back in time, you can be assured we will see something that you brought forward into this life that needs your attention. I love it when clients have that “aha” moment where they see what happened and get that energetic jolt that shows them why something that happened in a past life is present now.

Just as fun to see, is what the future holds. When I say future, I might be shown something ten years down the road or ten lifetimes ahead. You’ll feel the energy of the rightness of what that vision is when it happens.

As with any work I do, I help you see how you can bring the past in to facilitate healing–of relationships, of mindset, etc.–in this lifetime. I do the same thing with future-sight, helping you see how the path ahead can be the light that encourages you, helping you move into balance in this lifetime.

The readings that are done over the phone or Skype are what I see coming forward. The in-office readings allow you to go deep into the experience and see the lifetime unfold (usually just a small section that is most relevant to you). Sometimes, but not always, multiple lifetimes will present themselves.

30-minute past/future reading via phone or Skype (if you have a coupon, apply at checkout or check with Theresa at

30 minutes


45 minutes