Intuitive Readings

Linda has the ability to zero in on the core issues you need to resolve for wholeness. She brings her intuitive abilities to the forefront whether your issues are in relationship, business, or you’re just curious about what is coming your way. As a spiritual healer, she can help you resolve issues you may be carrying that affect your well-being. Intuitive Readings are done over the phone or on Skype. Those in the Portland, Oregon area may request an appointment at one of Linda’s offices. To schedule, please send an email to Theresa at and specify these things:

  • the information you’d most like to get from the reading
  • a list of questions if you have them
  • the day of the week that works best for you
  • whether you need an office appointment, a phone appointment, or a Skype call. If you need/want a Skype call, directions will be sent upon booking
  • specify your time zone
  • provide the time of day that works best. If you have several options, please let Theresa know, as you’re more likely to get an available spot on the schedule. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response for scheduling.
  • Linda is on Pacific Time, so all times are booked accordingly. To translate your time, click here:
  • It’s YOUR responsibility to provide this information and schedule with Theresa once payment is made. Payments go through quickly, so you should follow up right away with an email in order to get on the calendar.

$160 30-minutes


$300 one hour                       


Single Question Reading

Often, only a single question needs answering. For situations such as these, there is a single question option. Be wise about how your question is stated.Here are some examples of what works and what doesn’t work: Question that doesn’t provide a clear reading: Will I get married? A question like this won’t give you the clarity you seek. For example, you might get married, but it will be ten years from the time you ask the question. Also, you have to take into account that the Guides won’t override free will, so your choices are always your own and only the most likely possibilities are given in answer to any question. Same question with a better chance of getting a result: Will I get married within the next six months? This gives you better clarity. Be sure there is only ONE question within the question posed. Multiple questions will not be answered unless payment for additional questions is made. Linda retains the right to reject any requests if she does not have the time to respond and/or if the question’s answer is too lengthy to respond to quickly and easily. If your question will not be answered, your payment is refunded within five business days.


Single question $45