About Linda Stirling

Linda StirlingAs with all the work I do, I want YourLovingSpirit.com to be a blessing to you, a way by which you enrich your life.

I have been fortunate to live a life filled with “variety.” I say this with a smile on my face, for I have learned the challenges in life were the times that gave me the power to be who I am in the world today.

I’ve always had intuitive power, but it amped up several years ago. Here’s how that happened.

For roughly 2 1/2 years, I dealt with chronic pain. The pain began at the base of my tailbone and felt as if a torch were burning there. At first my doctor prescribed anti-inflammatories, then medicines to dampen the nervous system. Included, too, were pain killers. X-rays and MRIs were done. Studies and more studies and specialists and more specialists were seen.

Nothing helped.

My doctor did his best to connect me with every traditional medical specialist, and even a few non-traditional doctors. Roughly twenty doctors were seen. None were able to help, or even diagnose with certainty. The pain, which had begun at a level five on a scale of one to ten became a steady, unrelenting eight, often escalating to a nine, even ten, where it ultimately stayed most of the time. Dosages of pain killers increased and morphine became my staple. At times the pain was so bad I considered suicide.

After a while, even taking so much pain medication that I could barely remain coherent didn’t help. Then, I began to need a cane to walk. A friend offered a walker, and one Saturday as I rolled the walker along the sidewalk and wondered if I had the energy to make it the twenty feet or so to the car, I had the clear vision that my life was ebbing away. In a panic, I went back to the doctor, hoping he could figure out one more possibility of providing me with relief. With pain ruling me and my energy steadily diminishing, my doctor told me he didn’t know anything else to do other than put me on a morphine drip. He suggested we do so right away.

That was the turning point.

I knew that with a morphine drip I wouldn’t be driving any more, working anymore, or, for me, living. As it was, my life was scheduled around pain–what life I had, anyway, which didn’t include much more than trying to function at work then coming home to knock myself out with morphine and sleeping pills.

As a religious person, I’d prayed and prayed for relief. Suddenly I knew I had to do something radically different than just sit passively and plead. I decided to somehow find a way to harness the power I believed God had given me–the power to heal myself with connection to Spirit. Somehow I knew I couldn’t be an idle participant. I decided I would “think myself well.” The pain medications were set aside and my journey to healing began. I “channeled” healing, believing the Divine would enter me and my own body would recognize what it needed to have happen in order to heal. No one had taught me how to do this, nor had I read anything about healing, it was something that came to me through connection to Spirit. For a period of three days, I meditated on healing, breaking the meditation only when it was essential.

At the end of three days, I got up from my chair and was able to move without pain. One month later, I walked without assistance of any kind. Within three months I could walk a mile. I took up dancing, a pleasure I’d given up years before, and soon could dance for hours. Fifty pounds I’d acquired over the years of pain dropped off effortlessly. There was another effect, too. Back when the MRIs were done, the doctor had discovered “abnormal bone marrow.” He’d sent me to an oncologist. The oncologist had explained that abnormal bone marrow meant some form of leukemia, but a bone biopsy to see what type of leukemia might cause things to accelerate, while at the moment my blood tests weren’t showing that I was fighting off cancer. The oncologist told me it was only a matter of time, as the MRIs were clear evidence. I elected to wait. With the healing work that became part of my regimen and my belief that I can live in wellness, I have stayed healthy and the “surety” of bone cancer has never manifested.

This experience of transformation caused me to explore healing in a way that had never crossed my consciousness before. I saw that Quantum Healing gave definition to what I had experienced and sought out the knowledge of how to do this for others. While my own faith had helped me, I discovered that access to the Quantum field did not require faith in a higher power or even faith that the healing would work. This showed me that I could help even those who didn’t believe as I did. I studied everything I could get my hands on and began to help others heal through the form of Higher Power-Source Energy connection I’d used for myself.

I also began to “see” things with much stronger psychic senses than I’d ever experienced before. I “saw” a friend’s move and the view from the balcony of the place he would move to; saw relationships begin and end; saw paths that could be taken and the consequences of each; and in most of these and other cases, I saw my visions unfold exactly as I’d seen them. I also began to see things medically and had the unsettling experience (at first, anyway) of having cells “talk” to me and give me medical information (even medical words) about things for which I’ve had no training or experience. Through using Source Energy, I’ve been able to help others heal themselves (I am just the vehicle through which healing flows).

I feel the healing that took place for me allowed me to step into my own life purpose in a much stronger way. YourLovingSpirit and my site for writers, ThePublishingAuthority.com, are some of those ways.

I work as a non-denominational spiritual teacher and healer, working through Spirit to bring healing and help to the many who have sought me out. Because I’m part Native American, I believe my connections with ancestors may play a part in enhancing my ability to tap into Source Energy.

My greatest desire is to help others find an abundance of joy in life, to heal those who need assistance in their life journey, and to guide others to live their lives fully so they can be a blessing to others.

Every day I hear people say, I wish I had . . . and then they say they wish they had more money, a better relationship, a better job and so on. I’d like to ask each person to consider going outside the thoughts of ego and their self-desires and begin to ask, “How can I bless others today?” If each one of us gave thought daily to how we could bring even the smallest blessing to another, our world would quickly transform. Please consider and pass along the idea that you can BE the blessing.

So many people believe they can’t make a difference unless they do something in a big way–donate a lot of money, work in a ghetto, etc. That’s wonderful if it’s something you can do, but many can’t, so they do nothing. Being a blessing can be something as small as carrying groceries for an ailing neighbor, giving a kind word to someone others ignore, taking time to help a child. Something happens when you bless others (though this should never be the objective). You get blessed in return. If you truly want to live a life filled with blessings beyond measure. As is my motto, In All You Do, BE The Blessing.

Blessings to you,